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Place Types

Below are details of place types available at the Grove Nursery along with attendance times.

1st Part-Week (availble for 2 and 3+ years)

Monday 8.55-3.05pm, Tuesday 08.55-3.05pm, Wed 08.55-11.30am

2nd Part-Week (available for 2 and 3+ years)

Weds 12.30-3.05pm, Thurs 08.55-3.05pm, Fri 08.55am-3.05pm

Morning Place (3+ years)

4 mornings 08.55-11.30am, plus one full-day 08.55-3.05pm

Afternoon Place (3+ years)

4 afternoons 12.30-3.05pm, plus one full-day 08.55-3.05pm

30 Hours Free Full-Time (3+ years)

Mon-Fri 08.55-3.05pm

30 Hours 'Top-Up' Place (3+ years) £6 per hour plus lunch costs

Mon-Fri 08.55-3.05pm

Lunches are £2 per day unless you child qualifies for free school meals.  Forms ca be collected from Reception.

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