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Sharing books with your child

The importance of reading to children cannot be over emphasized. It is also a great way to focus on the family. The importance of reading to children is significant in child development, and reading books to little ones at an early age is essential.   In fact, reading childrens stories aloud is one of the most important activities we, as parents, grandparents, teachers, and care-givers, can do for our kids.   The importance of reading to children plays out in a myraid of developmental, emotional, and learning issues from bonding and security . . . to learning to read . . . to future success.


Reading for pleasure is more important to children's successes than education or social class.

At The Grove we strongly recommend that you read at home with your child daily. This can be simply looking at the pictures, reading 2 or 3 pages a night, talking about how the pictures relate to the story, picking out all of the words that begin with the letter 's', discussing the front and back cover, discussing the author and illustrator or simply reading to your child.

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