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Learning Journey Books

Planning for Children’s Learning at The Grove Nursery School

At the Grove we believe in supporting children’s learning through high quality adult interactions using children’s own interests and needs.

This ensures children are continually making progress and developing new skills. We might teach them a specific skill of how to use something, we introduce new language, we extend the child’s thinking by talking to them, we suggest problems and support the children to find their own solutions and we utilise technology and/or books to support us in finding out more.

We also ask during children’s focus weeks that you record what your child is doing at home through photographs and completing the ‘parent consultation’ form. The key person will send this home when it is their focus week.

Please also see the ‘recording our teaching in observations’ sheet. This will explain how we record the observations of the children and why we use certain language. Our planning is highlighted in yellow and children’s direct speech is highlighted in green.

All of the information we record on the children is put into the learning journey books and these are sent home regularly so you can also contribute to them with your child. Please do add in drawings, comments and photographs of your child from activities outside school.


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